The Sword Coast

Welcome to The Sword Coast

Adventure Log

Your world initially is the Sword Coast. A coast popular for trade, fishing and expeditions. It has a rich forest nearby with both domestic and exotic animals.
Frequent shipwrecks, locals and seaman who are apprehensive of magic along with a poaching problem and on top of that animals dead in masse for no apparent reason. These are some of the things going on in Sword Coast.


July 16, 2017 Summary

Character Creation (Let me know if I spelled the names wrong or if you want to add a last name)
Seraphina Toss Cobble – Halfling Thief
Nogard – Dragonborn Sorcerer
Roland – Human Ranger
Orie – High Elf Cleric

Band was formed when we were all given an escort job by Gundrin Rockseeker at the Moon Glave Inn. Gundrin is a dwarf who specializes in prospecting and hinted of future prosperity. We were hired for 15 gold, thanks to Seraphina’s negotiation skills, to transport a wagon load of equipment to Fandelin. Gundrin was leaving immediately to sort out some business in Fandelin.

On the Road
1st day of trip team decided to push the animals down the main road. After an exhausting day Orie then attempted to care for the horses but mistreated them further before Roland stepped in and took care of them.
2nd day of trip team again decided to push the animals, Orie says she has animal handling skills but again failed to sooth the horses. Roland after spending a day sitting next to Nogard and smelling his Dragon heritage BO also had no patience for dealing with the animals.
3rd day of trip, due to the main road ending and the exhaustion of the animals the team reduced the pace. While on the secondary trail the team encountered two dead horses blocking the path. Roland and Seraphina sensing a trap decided to exit the wagon early, which in hindsight was a bad idea. Again Roland was probably driven by the need to get away from Nogard’s BO. The trap was sprung while Roland and Seraphina were behind the wagon. Nogard was struck twice with arrows and became grievously injured. The team quickly worked together with Roland attempting to pull Nogard to safety. Seraphina attempted to move to the Northern ridge to gain a sightline on the attackers. Unfortunately there were also two goblins on the northern ridge that Seraphina was unaware of. Thinking fast Orie used a spell to alert Seraphina of the danger. Roland was able to engage one of the goblins on the Southern ridge and kill him. Seraphina took fire from both goblins on the northern ridge getting struck once. Seraphina then engaged and killed one of the goblins at close range. Orie standing on the wagon attempted to strike the second goblin with her Sacred Flame spell but barely missed. Nogard sought shelter and even while suffering from two arrow wounds was able to cast Fire Bolt and kill the second goblin on the southern ridge. Orie then went to Nogard and was able to fully restore him with her cure wounds spell. The fourth and last goblin seeing the quick elimination of his partners turned and fled the battle north bound.
After examining the slain goblins the only loot located was 7 arrows, one of the slain horses apparently belonged to our employer Gundrin Rockseeker. Tracks were located that showed two bodies were dragged from the ambush site.

What should our heroes do now???
1. Proceed to the drop off point?
2. Return to Neverwinter and sell the contents of the wagon due to Gundrin’s apparent death?
3. Track the fleeing goblin and feed him to Nogard?
4. Track the drag marks attempting to save or avenge Gundrin?

Tune in July 30th, 6:30 p.m. to find the answers.

Awards for the week
Most Magical – Orie managed to get off three spells in our first battle and saved Nogard’s life
Most useless – Nogard had to hide behind some trees then stole Roland’s kill by use of his Fire Bolt spell.
Worst Tactician – Roland exiting the wagon before the ambush
Most terrifying – Seraphina standing at 3 feet tall killed a goblin on first attack and caused the second to flee in panic.

Thank you Robert for putting this group together and for the food. Excellent map and sound effects.

Welcome to The Sword Coast

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