Lomiv, Seeker of Balance

Dragonborn Monk


Name: Lomiv, Seeker of Balance
Age: 29
Height: 6’7"
Weight: mid to low 200’s
Race: Dragonborn (Black Ancestry)
Class: Monk (Acolyte, Neutral Alignment)
STATS: 14STR, 15DEX, 12CON, 12INT, 13WIS, 12CHA

Appearance; Jet black scales cover his body as you look from bottom to top. He was born with smaller tail, only ranging out about a foot. His eyes are gentle but seem busy, as if always looking around or scanning. His (hair?) is spiked back and in a bundle (similar to that

of spiky dreadlocks) that is held together by a jade-green band.

Lomiv was raised in an Old Order Monastery located between Everlund and Silvermoon, recalling a majority if what Dragonborns call childhood training both his body and inner self. His goal is to create balance in this world, and he claims he can start by getting rid of both Tiamat and Bahamut (evil and good, respectively).

He was abandoned by his family from the clan Hollowfang (who are close worshipers of Tiamat) because of a strange tradition the Hollowfang name carries. If two members of the clan (of a higher nobility) find they’re going to have offspring around the same time, they call upon their God to decide who will be birthed first. Then, whichever child is born first is said to have Tiamat’s favor and part of his powered bestowed upon them. The other child is treated with disgust most of the time, the clan normally breeding for battle purposes, and is either killed or abandoned.
Lomiv was place at the footsteps of the Monastery by his own mother and that was the last time he had ever seen his family. However, the elderly man that had picked him from the steps was his new family. Bo’delz had taken up Lomiv and raised him, letting Lomiv name himself around the age of five. It was at this time that Bo’delz had decided to reveal his past of the Hollowfang to Lomiv, nervous that the young warrior would seek revenge for abandonment. To his delight, Lomiv had said he did not blame his family given their position for they must not have known any better.
Growing up, Lomiv had seen many faces come and go from the Old Order Monastery he lived at. Acolytes praising their God(s) and warriors looking for rest, it was a place of open doors where many were welcome. Lomiv was even taught Abyssal Demon language via an old tome that was give to him by a group of traveling calligraphists. They deemed it a fitting reward from helping them to the Nether Mountains (though Lomiv never stepped a foot closer). He also took a liking to smith’s craft which he blames on his Draconic Ancestry, but never had a chance to pursue his hobby due to his strict training routine.

Lomiv, Seeker of Balance

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