Half-Elf Cleric of Ilmater


Str 11
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 9
Wis 16
Cha 10

Life Domain
Chaotic Good

27 years old
Height 5’8”
Weight 155 lbs
Auburn hair
Gold eye (right eye missing)


Born into an unassuming family of merchants in a decently sized but not necessarily important city, Tareth’s childhood was comfortable, quiet, and boring. He long dreamed of becoming a bard, but while skilled with a lute, failed bard college due to an inability to grasp the actual magic required to be more than just a simple minstrel. After failing, he wandered for some time working as a performer in cheap inns, trying to find something or someplace that would interest him. Eventually, jobs dried up and he came upon a temple of Lathander that agreed to give him shelter in exchange for menial labor. After some time, he began to display the blessing of the god, and the ability to channel his power. Finding himself with magic power and little else to do with himself, Tareth became a healer. He worked for five years clearing minor outbreaks of the undead and following plague epidemics from village to village attempting to ignore that he was only marginally less bored than before.

One evening, a traveling group of adventurers came to stop in the village in which Tareth was tending to a group of sick children. They convinced him, once the children were asleep, to come join them at their fire, which turned into a night of stories, drinking, and revelry the likes of which Tareth had never known. When the adventurers told Tareth that they were soon to travel to the next town and could use a healer, Tareth gave no second thought to leaving his station and joining them. Their adventure, it would turn out, was to burn and pillage the village and murder as many inhabitants as they could reach. Though Tareth fled – losing his eye in a battle in the process – he would awaken the next morning hungover and completely abandoned by his god, all trace of divine power gone and knowledge of spells erased. Perhaps as a lingering curse of distaste, the god of the morning would render unto Tareth a hangover every time he woke up again.

Tareth had been found by a priest of Ilmater, the god of suffering and endurance. Initially treating Tareth as a victim of the destruction, Tareth confessed that he had been among those who caused it. The priest did not turn him away, but made an offer – Ilmater was a forgiving god, and Tareth could earn redemption by working in his name. He agreed, and was sent by the Church to the Sword Coast to assist those harmed or injured by the pirates, and to spread the Word to the pirates themselves. Tareth’s power to heal was restored at the lowest of levels, where it has stayed since. He has lived in the Sword Coast for two years, largely unsuccessful at evangelizing but tolerated by most pirates for his ability to heal, (however remedial), his skill at mundane medicine, and by being an extra laborer on board all without taking share of plunder. During stints on land, he tends to the wounded, the sick, and the poor. Recently, Tareth has become interested in discovering the source of a sudden, widespread dying-off of animals; needless death and suffering of all kinds is repugnant to the god he now serves. He hopes that he might find something he has sought for his whole live – a true adventure.


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