Notable NPCs

Character Name: Ta’Gere The Mixer
A prominent Druid alchemist. He offers a large reward to those who can help him solve the barbaric and unjust actions happening in Neverwinter Forest.

Character Name: Lord Neverember
“True Lord of Neverwinter”. His grip tightens everyday and Tyr, the god of Justice shines on him.

Character Name: Duke Rivenmore
Another noble in the city of NeverWinter

Character Name: Garrick the Wild
Another alchemist in the city of NeverWinter – reportedly peddling the Gold Skooma

Character Name: Cedarwind the Light-footed

Character Name: Pinewind

Character Name: Grundle (Goblin)
Stripped of all possessions. Highly likely holding a grudge. Red gemstone – absconded by the party – reportedly valued at 1690 “something”

Character Name: ? (Bar wench)
Keeping an eye out for Cedarwind

Character Name: ? (Bar keep of Dark Swamp Tavern)
Annoyed when characters spill drinks. Willing to peddle Good Skooma. Bought a gallon of skooma from the players for gold and a free room, at a discounted price to keep their dealings quite.

Character Name: ? (Gypsy woman)
Has Tarot cards.

Character Name: Proud the Sprite
Searching for Pike, his brother. One of the sprite’s best warriors. Provided the characters with a poisonous sap to help defeat the blighted woods.

Character Name: Pike the Sprite

Character Name: Dianna
Nymph found in the woods, distraught over loss of treant. Informed the characters of growing darkness in the woods, and its source. Directed the characters to stop the witch who lives in a forest cave.


Notable NPCs

The Sword Coast Irewolf