The Diary

Page 1:

The Festival of the Moon ended tonight. It was fun. We danced and there was music. My Mom and Dad were acting weird again. We had strange visitors to the house. They seemed nice, well, mainly one of them. Her name is Sultry something. She was pretty. She said that us girls need to be strong. I hate boys they just are dirty and icky.

Page 2:

I got in trouble today. I heard Mom and Dad talking. Mom is convinced she is pregnant. I hope it’s not a boy. Dad wants to me to have brothers because he wants a male heir to the Lordship. It’s a BIG secret. I can’t tell anyone. No one knows about this. Mom threatened to take away my practice dagger if I told anyone. I want to find a noble boy some day and we can rule NeverWinter City. He can’t be icky though. A handsome boy.

Sultry the Dark and Gracious the Sweet came by to bless the pregnancy. I don’t like Gracious. my family likes her but I noticed that when she touched my arm she scratched me and I’m glad I know she saw it she looked the other way and then she said Now run out and take care of yourself. Another woman came, she brought sweet sea weed for dessert I thought it was terrible but everyone else loved it. This woman is ugly nobody believes me just like oh you just don’t see she’s a sweetheart but I know I know her true nature I watch her I watched her.

Page 3:

Today is the last day of Nightal, tomorrow is Hammer. Sultry the Dark, stopped by today she wanted to see how the babies are coming along I thought that was kind of weird since she’s going to be the nanny she’s not a doctor but I guess she want to stay in touch with mom to make sure that the babies are healthy and that she knows what to do when they come out. The other one showed up today but Sultry made her leave.

Page 4:

Something odd was coming from mom’s room last night I heard her making loud noises while she was asleep she must of been having some kind of terrible dream but not like any other one I’ve ever heard it was very scary I know mom and dad like to drink a lot but sometimes I just think they should I think it just kinda makes things just go a little bit crazy

Page 5:

Dad came home today and there’s a big commotion something went really wrong today I think someone tried to kill him straight up assassination the guy trying to do it was kind of drunk and when it didn’t succeed but it’s still scary that people want to kill my dad I guess he had that crazy eyes like a lot of people have lately but this time he got all fired up. One of the guards was hurt.

Page 6:

I’m excited because Midwinter festival is coming. Sultry has been coming by every night lately. Mom wasn’t feeling good but Sultry has been comforting her. She stays the night. I caught her leaving in the morning and she just smiled and said to be quiet.

Page 7 (ripped):

I figured it all out. Well some of it. There’s some secret. I saw all three ladies arguing outside the house. Maybe <ripped>

The Diary

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