The Letter

My Dear Robinia,

It is with great haste that I must leave. I must return to the Feywild immediately as I can no longer stay here. I fear this gate may close and they’re looking for me. There are many secrets about me that I cannot share. Do not search for me for there are too many dangers and you are not ready. I will return for you when the time is right.

Know this, I am good friends with a rogue in NeverWinter, Cedarwind the Light-Footed. He is a political spy with roaming allegiances – the high bidder attracts him mostly. He may have gone too far this time, but when spying on Lord Neverember he filched this diary. He realized his folly too late as Tyr would frown on this, Neverember would seek a swift justice for this serious crime of personal invasion. But worse than that, his employer wants this diary but after reading the contents, he left it with me.

The fascinating part though is that this is not Lord Neverember’s diary, rather it is his daughter, Ideera’s diary. Now the difficult part is that it reveals secrets that Lord Neverember himself may not know.

I hope I didn’t botch this Arcane Lock spell. Speak your roots to unlock it.

I must leave now – do NOT let this diary fall in to the wrong hands

The Letter

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