The world you know is the Sword Coast. A coast popular for trade, fishing and expeditions. It has a rich forest nearby with both domestic and exotic animals.

Frequent shipwrecks, locals and seaman who are apprehensive of magic along with a poaching problem and on top of that animals dead in masse for no apparent reason. These are some of the things going on in Sword Coast.

You have made your way to The City of Neverwinter to answer the call of Ta’Gere The Mixer, a prominent Druid alchemist. He offers a large reward to those who can help him solve the barbaric and unjust actions happening in Neverwinter Forest.

Midwinter festival is approaching and he is unable to stock his usual potions and drinks for the revelry. This festival is more than a party, it is a key time when Lords and Noblemen create new alliances and renew old ones.

It will also be another opportunity for Lord Neverember to strengthen his claim as the one true Lord of Neverwinter. His grip tightens everyday and Tyr, the god of Justice shines on him.

City of Neverwinter: This city is on an upswing after past attacks from outsiders. Plus, 50 years ago a volcano exploded and melted a large chasm in the city. This has been repaired. Parts of the city are still in ruins, however, Lord Neverember is using that to his advantage to lure in people who will be given free land if they promise to maintain it.


The Sword Coast

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