Karthos "Stormborn"

Human Tempest Cleric of Talos, Storm Sorcerer


Str- 16 Dex- 10 Con- 12
Int- 8 Wis- 13 Chr- 16

Character Sheet
Race: Human
Age: 38 years old
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 200lbs
Appearance; green eyes, black/gray hair, fair skin, scar on right side of face
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Deity: Talos
Story Points: 3
Level: 3


Karthos was born in the bustling port metropolis of Baldur’s Gate. Given the title of “Stormborn”, on the day of his birth, for the monstrous gales that howled on that day. Something was strange about the winds that blew on that day, something powerful.
When Karthos was nearly a man, he was captured and sold into slavery. He was taken to a land far away, and far below the earth. For nearly a year, he survived in the wretches of the Drow slave pits of the Underdark. He only managed to escape when the shallow tunnel they were mining collapsed. He manged to kill one of his drow captors, that’d survived the collapse, and made his way to the freedom above.
Exhausted and injured, he wandered until he collapsed.
He was found by a small well traveled band of mercenaries, named the Crimson Dogs. The Dogs were contracted on behalf of the Five High Captains, helping the ships maintain order within the city.They were loyal to a fault as long as they were being paid. After their contract was up, they were free to take employment as they wished. They traveled the lands, between Luskan and Baldur’s Gate, picking up nearly any job for the right amount of coin. They were true mercenaries through and through. He fought men and monsters of many kinds, in the name of glory and riches. Over the years, he learned much of the world and hardened his skills, becoming a seasoned warrior. He’d make his gold by the strength of his arm and the sharpness of his blade.
One day, he took a fateful job, acting as a guard aboard a merchant vessel.
The merchant was to sail to a distant port. They would ensure the cargo was delivered safely, and they would be well paid.
In the middle of the night, Karthos awoke to the sound of heavy winds and the ship being tossed about like a child’s toy. Emerging above deck, he was greeted by a vicious storm. A howling gale brought torrential sheets of rain and invading ocean swells crashing onto the deck.
With a thunderous crash the sound of splintering wood crackled through the air. The ship was gashed open by spires of rock protruding above the black surface. Wounded, the vessel was consumed by powerful waves.
Plunged deep below the frigid waters, Karthos only broke surface before his vision began to fade. Clutching onto a floating remnant of the shattered ship, he clung to his only hope of salvation. As the storm raged on, he cursed the gods with each gasped and sputtered breath.
The storm carried him to a nearby desolate island. The island was surrounded by large rocky outcrops, that pierced the shallow shore’s surface like swords. Countless ships had been wrecked along the jagged shoreline. The many wooden carcasses were mangled amongst the stone spires.
Amidst the wreckage, and trapped by rocks, Karthos managed to recover some waterlogged provisions washed ashore by the storm’s waves. The primal power of a storm could wreck a fleet of ships, and at the same time, spare a single person from thirst.
Talos, the God of Storms, demanded respect. Karthos prayed to the gathering storm clouds, and extended his blade, offering his sword to the sky. Lightning flashed, and a single bolt struck Karthos’ sword and surged through his body. Miraculously, he was unharmed.
Karthos arose with a newfound feeling of power. In return for this gift, he would bring about the destruction of his foes in the name of Talos. As the clouds began to part, and light illuminated the horizon, Karthos spotted a ship. His salvation.
If his new God demanded sacrifice, then Karthos would decide whose would be spilled. Behold the might of Karthos, “Stormborn”, the Tempest Cleric of Talos.

Karthos "Stormborn"

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