Robinia Virta

Human Druid


STR 10 DEX 12 CON 14 INT 12 WIS 16 CHA 5

22 Years Old
134 lbs.
Hazel Eyes
Brown Hair

Loves being a spider!


Robinia was raised in a cozy cottage along the Delimbyr River just outside of a city known as Loudwater. Her parents led a simple life, but struggled to make ends meet due to the troubled history of Loudwater. They owned a small inn in Loudwater frequented by explorers and travelers. Robinia spent much of her time here, as her parents had little free time to devote to her care. Robinia grew fond of the travelers’ tales of The High Forest and all of the creatures they had seen. Meanwhile, she read many books on forest life. She read how important the forest is to the balance of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.

Robinia grew older and braver, eventually deciding that she wanted to venture into the forest herself. She was naïve; She brought nothing with her and told no one of her destination. She, herself, did not have a goal in mind. She was curious and bored of her life at the inn and wanted more for herself.

Little did she know, The High Forest was very large and full of dangerous beasts. She became lost and had no food. She remembered the chapters in the books she read on the forest vegetation and was able to forage and find clean water. Unbeknownst and unimaginably, she made it to the heart of the forest. She noticed a massive oak tree. As she made her way to this tree, she found a small cabin. An old man sat inside, noticing her distress.

The old man offered her food and shelter. Several days went by and they had many discussions. She learned he could use magic. He taught her several spells and survival skills. One thing became very odd; The old man did not tell her his name or share personal details. Then, when Robinia came to the old man, wanting to learn how to obtain an animal companion, she heard him whispering in another language.

All of a sudden, the old man vanished and the forest became very dark. Robinia became very frightened and decided to leave the forest and make her way home. On her way out of the cabin, she discovered a journal belonging to this old man, only with several pages missing. Along her way, she noticed peculiar events. Several masses of animals lay dead on the ground. Plants and some of the small trees were dead. It was obvious that more animals and larger trees would be effected in the distant future. This mysterious event was not ending.

Robinia finally made it home, but to her dismay, her parents and several others in the city had died. Was this related to the forest? She needed answers. She remembered from her childhood that many of the explorers would make their way closer to the coast to trade their goods that they had collected on their travels. Maybe it was in the city of Neverwinter? She couldn’t remember. She decided she needed to try in order to see if others knew of the events in the forest. She loved the forest, it became her home, and her new magical abilities gave her the confidence to protect it.

Robinia Virta

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