Varis Galanodel


Race: High (Moon) Elf
Family name: Galanodel (MoonWhisper)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 173
Sex: Male
Height: 5’5"
Weight 148
Appearance: Green eyes flecked with gold, Blue hair with streaks of black, alabaster/gray skin


Varis is from the city of Silverymoon. There he grew up among the diverse group peaceful citizens and beautiful city where structures are built into and among the trees. As an adult, Varis stands out among his elf brethren due to his unusual height and weight. Not wanted to always draw attention to himself, Varis decided to dabble in the arts of Magic where he permanently mastered the Cantrip of Prestidigitation. He found the effect to be useful for drawing attention away from him whenever looks lingered to long.

Varis was eventually recruited as a scout for the city and developed a keen sense of perception and investigation on the job. It was during this time that he found his first love interest Lia; a wood elf that he later learned lived on the road among the settlements of High Forest. He encountered her during an investigation of reported thefts from travelers coming in to the city. After several weeks of tracking and searching for a suspect, Varis came across Lia. Their meeting was awkward at best since Varis believed she was a possible suspect in his search. However, he found himself dazzled by her charm and beauty which completely put him off balance. Lia quickly recognized her advantage and used that to convince him he was looking for someone else. In the weeks that followed, she would continue to show up appearing as if from thin air during his investigation and scouting assignments. The reports of theft discontinued and while he still suspected Lia, he was satisfied that it had stopped and soaked up her company. It was during these meetings she confirmed the influence she had over him and persuaded him to join her travels.

He traveled and learned the skills of a Rogue and Survival through his relationship with Lia. She would occasionally take from travelers but insisted it was just enough for them when they needed it. This all but confirmed her connection to the thefts around Silverymoon for Varis but at this point he felt it was the past. He decided that he would temper her streaks of stealing; all the while she taught him a different way to live outside the reaches of a city. He learned to play the flute with her and at times they would perform in some of the more remote settlements they traveled through. They also found work as guides through the forests and surrounding areas. For 28 years they traveled together and then on the morning of Summer Solstice she disappeared without a trace. Varis was dumbstruck by the turn of events and after the initial shock of her disappearance eventually discovered a goodbye note from her, along with her Ivory flute. Her noted said she cared for him deeply but that their time together was done and wished him the best. Despite his best attempts to pick up her trail, it was no surprise to Varis that she left no trace and her skills still eclipsed his ability to track her.

He returned to Silverymoon and attempted to return to the study of Magic. Although he was making progress in the areas of Enchantment and Illusion, the abruptness of losing Lia lingered. In his final act of study Varis learned the ability to summon a familiar in Silverymoon. The summoning ritual was heavily influenced by the thought of finding Lia again and night owl was delivered to him. He saw through the eyes of his new companion as he soared through the sky, expanding the sight for his search. Now he travels with his familiar in hopes of finding her again someday.

Varis Galanodel

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